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Construction additives

Manufacturers of construction products must stay updated with constantly evolving building codes and regulations and ensure that their products comply with the required standards. They must develop new solutions to meet the diverse needs of the construction market while meeting cost-efficiency targets. The need for sustainable construction solutions is also growing.

Modern construction materials require groundbreaking formulations that provide outstanding workability and physical properties. Systems need advanced raw materials, and construction additives by BASF can make the difference. BASF offers a broad range of powder and liquid additives that help formulate innovative products. 

Materials for all special applications

The quality of local raw materials influences the properties of construction materials, such as dry mortars and prefabricated materials. That’s why interactions between organic and inorganic binders, fillers, and a range of chemical construction additives must be controlled to ensure the best performance of the system. Our lab-based, application-focused technical experts support optimizing formulations and choosing the right raw materials. We provide the right solution for specific raw materials and special local requirements. With our construction additives and formulation knowledge for construction materials, we especially support flowable systems, non-sag applications, and refractory and prefabricated materials. Explore our broad product portfolio of construction additives!


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