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The key to sustainability is knowing where to start – and that’s by listening to the motivations, goals, and visions of our customers. This helps us transform sustainability into concrete solutions and products that keep up with global trends and changing consumer behaviors.

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Sustainability toolbox for dispersions and construction additives

With our dispersions and construction additives, we support our customers to achieve low CO2 emissions, reduce waste, and increase the use of renewables for more sustainable coatings, adhesives, and construction and fiber-bonding materials.​

We offer many options to combine sustainability and performance. Count on us to help you reach sustainability targets, expand your portfolio, and attract new, environmentally conscious customers. Together, we can make an impact!

Sorted plastic waste ready for shipping and recycling; the text on the image says "Impact for closing the loop"

Toward a circular economy 

A circular economy seeks to decouple growth from resource consumption and makes the most of the limited resources of our planet. It uses them for as long as possible, minimizes waste, and creates value with renewable resources. With our portfolio of dispersions and construction additives, we open new product loops and opportunities for more-sustainable coatings, adhesives, and fiber bonding and construction materials. 

Explore our solutions in the field of circular economy!  

Aerial view of solar farm, with solar panel rows running diagonally from the lower left to the upper right of the image. The text on top of the image says "Impact for reaching net zero 2050".

Protecting environment and climate

Reducing BASF’s greenhouse gas emissions and providing transparency about the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of our dispersions and construction additives helps minimize emissions. With renewable raw materials and green energy, we are able to save fossil resources while minimizing the PCF. That’s how we support achieving more sustainable coatings, adhesives, and construction and fiber bonding materials.   

Explore our solutions to reduce your own carbon footprint! 

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