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BASF has over the past decades specialized in the design of acrylic dispersions for the use in flooring adhesive applications. Floor coverings come in a variety of materials and cover many different substrates. In today’s market you can find different kinds of floor coverings such as PVC, textile, rubber, or linoleum floorings, in sheets or tiles, to meet the latest design trends and durability requirements. . These materials need to adhere to a substrate with an adhesive that will last the lifetime of the flooring surface, stand up to various performance requirements, and provide quick and easy installation.

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Our technology has evolved not only to meet the high-performance requirements of the market, but also to guarantee the most sustainable products possible. Indoor air quality, ease of application for craftsmen as well as mechanical performance are some of the key properties of flooring adhesives which are clearly influenced by the interactions between the formulation ingredients but also by their intrinsic quality. BASF is committed to being a premier raw material supplier of binders for Flooring Adhesives. Benefit from our expertise and industry know-how to offer sustainable innovations for your customers. Explore our solutions for flooring adhesives!

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