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Raw Materials for Adhesives

An ever-expanding range of requirements constantly leads to new challenges for adhesive manufacturers. BASF’s raw materials are the key for modern adhesives. They must be the most reliable, durable, and sustainable available. After all, adhesives are the very thing that holds industrial and technological advancements together.


The goal: Safe and Sustainable by Design

Today, the need for environmentally conscious actions is an important driver of change in consumer markets and the manufacturing industry. That’s why demands on adhesives are also increasing. We strive to reliably support our partners with high-quality adhesive raw materials that are safer and more sustainable. Specifically, we ensure that our raw materials are free from hazardous ingredients and solvent-free, while enabling the circular economy and helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Leading manufacturer of adhesive technology

We continuously improve the performance of our adhesive raw materials and open new fields of adhesive application for our customers. They gain a competitive edge with our range of custom adhesive solutions, including water-based polymer dispersions, polymer resins, UV-curable systems, and optimized additives. Explore the different fields of applications of our adhesive raw materials!

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