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Upcycling is an opportunity for manufacturers to turn waste into key raw materials and create new, more-sustainable materials. By repeatedly opening new product loops and opportunities, upcycling can reduce CO2 emissions and protect the resources of our planet. With our fiber bonding technology, we enable circularity and help to turn trash into treasure.  

Benefits of upcycling 

  • Conserve natural resources 
  • Extend the life cycle of single-use materials 
  • Turn waste into higher-quality products 
Three arrows going in a circle; the arrows are shown as made from reclaimed denim, spent coffee grounds and used chopsticks.

Conserve natural resources 

Together with our partners, we use reclaimed materials such as denim and discarded materials – spent coffee grounds, used paper cups and chopsticks, and so on – and turn them into building blocks for scores of new and more-valuable products. This way, upcycling decreases our reliance on scarce natural resources, such as wood, while we can reduce CO2 by binding it in long-lasting products. 

Extending the life cycle of materials 

With upcycling, waste products can be transformed into higher-quality items ready for use in a broader range of applications. We and our partners developed processes to upcycle coffee grounds, denim, chopsticks, and paper cups into tables, guitars, or flooring. Extending the life cycle of these single-use materials allows us to keep them from ending up in landfills and incinerators. 


To explore specific solutions for your products, please get in touch with your BASF account manager. 

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