Anhydrite Flowable Screeds and Cementitious Flowable Screeds

Screeds are used to level floors and are generally applied in thick layers. The primary purpose of a screed is to provide a consistent and even base for flooring. It helps correct any irregularities or variations in the subfloor, ensuring that the finished floor is level and free of dips or bumps.

Screeds also help improve the structural integrity of the floor, providing stability and support.

Anhydrite Flowable Screeds and Cementitious Flowable Screeds

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Excellent thermal conductivity

We primarily differentiate anhydrite and cementitious screeds. Both types of binder can be applied either manually or as a flowable. Cementitious screeds are usually conventional and applied by hand. They require manual leveling and smoothing. Anhydrite flowable floor screeds are mostly self-leveling and require minimal manual intervention. They are known for their smooth and even finish, making them ideal for areas where a seamless surface is desired. They provide excellent thermal conductivity, making them suitable for underfloor heating systems.

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