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Intermediates Concrete Admixtures

Solutions for concrete admixtures must meet manifold needs. They must improve concrete strength, durability, and resistance to factors like freeze-thaw cycles and chemical influences. They must also enhance the workability of concrete while minimizing its environmental impact. 

BASF construction additives focus on polymeric intermediates as raw materials to formulate all kinds of concrete admixtures. We concentrate on the value chain of intermediates and use our backwards integration into BASF’s Verbund.

Workers pouring concrete with a cement mixer truck

Customizing concrete solutions

With our brand-new portfolio, we try to cover the most important raw material demands of concrete admixture formulators. We developed a full range of dispersants for the formulation of water-reducing admixtures suitable for all concrete areas, such as ready mix, precast, job sites, or any others. We also offer a defoamer additive and will soon round out the product range with hydration controlling additives, such as seeding. Strong brands represent our technologies: 

  • Dispersant – Melflux® C
  • Defoamers – Vinapor® C DF

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