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We want our homes and offices to look and feel good today and tomorrow. Whether office chairs, sofas, and kitchen or bathroom cabinets – today’s furniture is as much an expression of individualism as it is an everyday object. Pieces of furniture are everyday objects that can be purchased at any time. 


On the lookout for a competitive advantage, furniture manufacturers provide ever-changing designs and embrace new materials. Furniture adhesives must withstand the heat and pressure involved in the lamination process, ensuring a strong and durable bond. They must be compatible with different types of materials commonly used in furniture manufacturing, such as wood, laminate and foam.

Manufacturers also need adhesives that offer efficient and fast curing times, allowing for increased productivity and reduced production time. They must offer stable, high-quality products and finishes that last a long time and are safe for both humans and our environment.

That’s why BASF offers a broad range of water-based adhesive raw materials specifically developed for 3D lamination and the formulation of foam-bonding adhesives. With our water-based solutions, customers can advance the quality and durability of their furniture. Explore our solutions for furniture adhesives!

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