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Bio-based Solutions

Bio-based solutions are built directly from renewable raw materials. This approach enables our customers to conserve fossil resources and expand product portfolios to attract environmentally conscious customers, while still being able to prove biogenic content. 

Benefits of dedicated bio-based production

  • Prove biogenic content with a C14 measurement 
  • Save fossil resources
  • Attract new customers
A huge heap of sugar beets at the edge of a freshly ploughed and harrowed field

Boosting bio-inside  

We use renewable raw materials that primarily come from vegetable oils, fats, grains, sugar, and wood directly during the production of our products.  

BASF’s dedicated portfolio of bio-based raw materials offers solutions for multiple applications and enables our customers to prove biogenic content to their own customers. These unique properties help create products that fossil feedstock may be unable to achieve.   

To explore bio-based solutions for your products, please get in touch with your BASF account manager.  

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