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Tinuvin® 928



TINUVIN® 928 is a solid benzotriazole-based UV absorber for coatings, printing and packaging, adhesives, and sealants. It was designed to meet high performance and durability requirements of solvent-based automotive, industrial and powder coatings. Its characteristic broadband absorption provides efficient protection to coatings and light sensitive substrates. Its excellent solubility and high thermal and environmental permanence makes it particularly suitable for coatings exposed to high temperature curing processes, such as powder and coil coatings, or high environmental stress.


  • Broad spectral coverage
  • Designed for use in solvent based & powder coatings
  • High thermal stability
  • Good long-term performance (photo permanence)
  • Excellent spectral coverage
  • Excellent photo permanence

Product Groups

  • UV Absorbers / Benzotriazole (BTZ), Benzotriazole (BZT)