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Tinuvin® 900



TINUVIN® 900 is a UV absorber of the hydroxyphenyl-benzotriazole class developed specifically for coating systems exposed to high temperatures and/or extreme environmental stresses. It may be used in combination with a light stabilizer of the sterically hindered amine or amino ether class (HALS) such as recommended below. These combinations give coatings superior protection against gloss reduction, cracking, blistering, delamination, and color change. The light stabilizers may be added in two-coat automotive finishes to the base and clear coat.


  • Medium thermal stability
  • Broad spectral coverage good long-term performance (photo permanence)
  • Good long-term performance (photo permanence)

Product Groups

  • Performance Additives / UV Absorbers (UVAs)
  • UV Absorbers / Benzotriazole (BTZ)
  • UVA / HALS blends / UVA / HALS blends