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Rheovis® AS 1130



RHEOVIS® AS 1130 is a derivative of a family of highly effective rheology-control thickeners for a wide range of water-based coatings. The polymer provides the rheological control effect through extensive swelling of the high molecular weight polymer in alkali, in the presence of water. Use of these thickening and rheological control agents allows formulation of coatings with an advantageous thixotropic behavior giving non stringy formulations which are easy to apply over a wide range of speeds and/or processes. Such formulations are ideally suited for airless spray applications for industrial and automotive formulations, and it can also be used in pigment and filler slurries. It offers additional performance highlights such as high shear thinning and anti-sagging and settling.


  • Alkali swellable emulsion (ASE)
  • Used in pigment and filler slurries
  • Anti-sagging and anti-settling
  • Advantageous thixotropic behavior giving non-stringy formulations
  • Non-associative pure acrylic thickener
  • High-shear thinning
  • Highly effective rheology-control agent for a wide range of water-based coatings
  • Highly efficient low-shear thickener

Product Groups

  • Rheology Modifiers / Non-associative Thickeners (ASE)