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R+D Vinapor DF 9041 F

R+D Vinapor® DF 9041 F is a highly efficient allround defoamer in powder form at all temperatures without silicone oil.



R+D Vinapor® DF 9041 F is a powder defoamer based on fatty alcohol alkoxylates & mineral oil on an inorganic carrier material.

The addition of R+D Vinapor® DF 9041 F can improve the quality of aqueous pastes or fresh mortars by reducing air content and increasing the density.

R+D Vinapor® DF 9041 F is a highly efficient defoamer with a focus on strong defoaming across all temperature ranges. It is silicone oil free for maximum compatibility with different raw materials.

Fields for application are e.g. self-levelling underlayments (SLU), non-shrink grouts, flowing floor screeds, joint grouts, repair mortars.


  • Allround product
  • Temperature robust defoaming
  • Very high defoaming efficiency