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R+D HyCon R 3660 F

R+D HyCon® R 3660 F is a selective powder retarder construction additive which allows for lithium reduced ternary formulations.



R+D HyCon® R 3660 F is a construction additive retarder in powder form.
It is used for selective retardation of the ettringite formation in ternary self-levelling underlayments (SLU).
R+D HyCon® R 3660 F is designed for binder concepts using CAC (calcium aluminate cement) or CSA (calcium sulfoaluminate cement) combined with OPC (ordinary Portland cement) and calcium sulphate (Anhydrate or Hemihydrate).
In combination with the superplasticizer R+D Melflux® SELECT 6160 F / 6030 F a dry mortar formulation with significant reduction or elimination of lithium salts is possible.
Fields of applications: self-levelling underlayments (SLU), flowing floor screeds.


  • Less aging
  • Less lithiumcarbonate
  • Robustness
  • Improved workability
  • Binder reduction potential