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Luphen® D DS 3575

Luphen® D DS 3575 is a 40% aqueous dispersion of an
aliphatic polyesterpolyurethane elastomer. The formed film can be activated by
heat at 65-70 °C enabling the manufacture of heatsealing adhesives. Luphen® D DS
3575 has a limited hot-tack life.



Luphen® 3575 is an aqueous dispersion of a
polyesterpolyurethane and used in the manufacture of adhesives for laminating,
flocking andheat-sealing. The film that Luphen® 3575 yields can be activated by
heat and in common with the PUR elastomer films, it has a limited hot-tack
life.In order to prevent coagulation, it is important to make sure that none of
the components has a pH of less than 7 when thickeners are added or when
Luphen® 3575 is mixed with other products. Luphen® 3575 can only be mixed with
anionic dispersions or with dispersions that contain a protective colloid.
Container, pipes and other equipment that come into contact with Luphen® 3575
must be made of corrosion-resistant materials such as 18/8 stainless steel or
plastics to prevent coagulation. Specially developed water-emulsifiable,
polyfunctional isocyanates such as Basonat® HW 1000 can be added to adhesives
formulated with Luphen® 3575 to improve the heat resistance of the bond and its
resistance to hydrolysis.