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Loxanol® CA 5086



LOXANOL® CA 5086 is a clear liquid, nonvolatile, medium molecular weight coalescing solvent and plasticizer. This coalescent is compatible with acrylics, epoxies, alkyds, polyesters, and phenolic resins. Latex caulks incorporated with this product display excellent elongation and recovery properties. Most formulations can tolerate various loading levels and still provide flexibility without decreasing the caulks ability to adhere to various substrates. LOXANOL® CA 5086 increases flexibility and toughness, reduces brittleness, minimizes water sensitivity, and improves film formation.

Sustainability Benefits

  • Improves film formation
  • Minimizes water sensitivity
  • Increases flexibility and toughness
  • Reduces brittleness

Product Groups

  • Film-forming Agents / Coalescing Agents