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High-performance stabilizer with fine powder quality for suspensions and dry-mix systems with minimal impact on flow and workability due to shear-thinning behavior.



KELCO-CRETE® products are manufactured by CP Kelco (Shandong) Biological Company Limited.

KELCO-CRETE® DG-F diutan gum is a water soluble biopolymer produced by fermentation and supplied as a fine powder.
KELCO-CRETE® DG-F diutan gum hydrates in the mix water and acts as a viscosity-enhancing agent (with pseudoplastic/ shear-thinning rheology profile) to prevent bleeding and segregation.

KELCO-CRETE® DG-F diutan gum is suitable for stabilization of very fluid cement- and calcium sulphate-based mixtures, e.g. self-compacting and underwater concrete, cementitious or gypsum-based self-levelling, underlayments (SLUs), cementitious or gypsum-based flowing floor screeds, cementitious self-levelling decorative overlayments (SLOs), cementitious self-levelling industrial floors, non-shrink grouts (machinery grouts), injection mortars & post tension grouts, refractory materials.


  • Increased yield stress
  • Highly efficient
  • Higher solubility
  • Highly shear-thinning