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HyCon R 7200 F

HyCon® R 7200 F is a powder retarder construction additive. This setting retarder is used for calcium sulphate hemihydrate based flowable dry mortar products.
HyCon® R 7200 F is designed to selectively delay the gypsum formation.



HyCon® R 7200 F is a construction additive retarder in powder form.
It is a setting retarder selectively delaying the gypsum formation, without affecting the subsequent hardening of ordinary Portland cement (OPC).
It is used for retardation of gypsum based dry mortars.
HyCon® R 7200 F is designed for binder concept: alpha or beta hemihydrate rich with small amounts of OPC.
Fields of flowable applications: self-levelling underlayments (SLU) and flowable floor screeds.


  • Binder quality robustness
  • Optimal OPC hydration
  • High temperature robustness