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FoamStar® ST 2446



FOAMSTAR® ST 2446 is based on a patented hyper-branched Star polymer compounded with high-end organo-silicone polymers. It is one of our best defoamers for zero to 50 g/l VOC, medium to low PVC premium paints. FOAMSTAR® ST 2446 is a product of choice when other defoamers do not work. It allows for very good film appearance properties despite its very high efficiency.


  • 30 – 50 % less dosage
  • Very fast bubble break
  • High persistency and works in high gloss paints
  • Good dispersibility results in excellent film appearance
  • Works in highly tinted paints and against micro-foam
  • Excellent for zero to 50 g/l premium paints
  • Efficiency is better than conventional control defoamer
  • Low-VOC

Product Groups

  • Defoamers / Star Polymer Based Defoamers