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Foamaster® MO NDW NC



Foamaster® MO NDW NC is a defoamer for systems based on synthetic latex, especially those based on styrene-butadiene, polyvinyl acetate, acrylic and water-soluble alkyds. It is effective in all systems based on synthetic latex, and it continues to defoam effectively, even after months of storage. Foamaster® MO NDW NC contributes to excellent brushability and does not cause fish-eyes. It has no effect on the final paint film.

Sustainability Benefits

  • Produces films free of fish eyes and craters; no effect on final paint film; Exceptional product stability; Retains defoaming efficiency, even after months of storage
  • Effective in all synthetic latex-based systems
  • Excellent against fish eyes
  • Universal mineral oil-based defoamer for aqueous emulsion-based coatings and plasters with high compatibility
  • Excellent brushability

Product Groups

  • Defoamers / Mineral Oil Based Defoamers