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Efka® SL 3288



Efka® SL 3288 is an additive designed to improve slip, leveling, surface smoothness and ‘soft-touch’ effect in high gloss coatings. It has a minimal effect on foam stabilization and intercoat adhesion. Due to its excellent compatibility properties, it is very suitable for use in high-gloss clear coatings without causing haze. Efka® SL 3288 is recommended for all kinds of solvent-based high-gloss coatings, especially wood finishes. It is also suitable for water-based industrial coatings.


  • Prevents floating and flooding
  • Superior anti-blocking characteristics increasing surface smoothness and abrasion resistance
  • Minimal effect on foam stabilization and intercoat adhesion
  • Excellent slip performance at low addition levels
  • Good compatibility, no negative gloss effect in high gloss systems
  • Improved levelling
  • No haze in clear coats
  • Low VOC (<1%)
  • Improve the orientation of metallic pigments and matting agents
  • Solvent and solvent-free, water-based systems

Product Groups

  • Wetting Agents / Slip and Leveling Wetting Agents, Slip and Leveling wetting agents