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Acronal® V 212

Acronal V 212 is an aqueous dispersion of an acrylic ester copolymer containing carboxyl groups, produced without using of APEO or formaldehyde. Acronal V 212 is used to manufacture adhesives of a self-adhesive nature, also performing in cold conditions.



Due to its balanced cohesion/adhesion profile, Acronal V 212 is suitable for mixing with other dispersions (e.g. Acronal A 107) for the formulation of impregnations for expandable joint sealing tapes and other impregnated PU-foam articles. The adhesive character enables a high surface adhesion to the substrates to be sealed and the good water resistance supports properties such as driving rain resistance and water vapor tightness of the impregnated PU foams.


  • High solid content
  • APEO-free and very low emissions, enabling EC1 PLUS and Blue Angel formulations
  • Very high tack

Product Groups

  • Pure Acrylics