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Epotal® - our water-based adhesives for film-to-film lamination

Epotal® adhesives allow our customers to make the most of their packaging's end of life! Flexibility, durability and sustainability can go hand in hand. Several layers of film combined with the right adhesive formulation result in packaging solutions with desirable properties, such as good mechanical stability, good printability or light impermeability.

That’s why multilayered packaging is ideal for highly customizable products such as stand-up pouches. 

A viable alternative at all performance levels, the Epotal® product family stands out with innovative, dedicated products such as the 1C solution for medium-performance applications, home compostable adhesives and retort solutions that can even be used for digital printing processes and barrier products.

Besides the most important function of protecting food with the right packaging, we go one step further and ensure that our products enable more-sustainable end-of-life options. 


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Key benefits

  • Flexible, durable and food-contact approved    
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase flexibility
  • Save time 
  • Enhance safety 

Switch to the future. 
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Our Epotal® adhesives enable strong differentiation on the market for our customers

Flexible, durable & food contact-approved: Our water-based adhesives offer significant benefits for your packaging products such as the reduction of costs through easier and faster handling with lower off-spec risks. They also increase flexibility by making interim storage unnecessary. Additional benefits include time savings and improved safety during and after the manufacturing process.


Reduce costs

Easier, faster handling with lower off-spec risks.


Increase flexibility

“Lean production”, no interim storage necessary.


Save time

High green strength, short lead times, practically no curing.


Improve safety

Low VOCs, no aromatic isocyanates, glymo or organic solvents.

End-of-life solutions made easy with Epotal®

Water-based lamination adhesives enable the recycling of multi-layer packaging materials

Nowadays, end-of-life options and recyclability of packaging materials are critical topics that need to be addressed by the whole packaging industry. To meet the ambitious targets that have been set for packaging materials in the future, all players in the value chain need to get involved and work together. BASF already offers a variety of options for improving the recyclability of packaging materials through the use of Epotal® lamination adhesives and is working with different partners to realize a number of projects relating to this topic.

The separation of multi-layer packaging materials is a recycling option that is already being used today, but one that we believe will become even more important in the future. With this approach, no compromises are necessary in terms of the technical performance of the packaging. At the same time, waste materials can be recycled after separation via the same process as used for mono-material packaging. Incorporating water-based adhesives into this process has many advantages, such as easier separation and improved recyclate quality. One of our ongoing projects involves the development of special adhesives for this recycling option. 

Animation about the Closed Recycling Loop for Multi-Layer Food Trays

Performance Segments and Product Overview


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