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Joint Compounds

BASF Construction Additives is offering a comprehensive Additive Portfolio for gypsum based Joint Compounds. It comprises wetting agents for reduced lump formation, thickeners to optimize rheology and swellable polymers reduced shrinkage properties. 

Quicker drying times, better adhesion, and improved crack resistance are just some of the challenges that construction material manufacturers must face when managing the technical performance of drywall compounds. They also deal with a growing demand for more sustainable and environmentally friendly binder options that include:

  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Increased recyclability
  • Compliance with changing regulations and standards for construction products
Construction Additives Joint Compounds

Optimizing rheology and reducing shrinkage

BASF construction additives offer a comprehensive additive portfolio for gypsum-based joint compounds to tackle those requirements. It covers wetting agents for reduced lump formation, thickeners to optimize rheology, and swellable polymers with reduced shrinkage properties. 

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