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Label Adhesives

Labels are the most-popular method for identifying and decorating a product. To fulfil these functions on different surfaces, pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) play the key role. They must cover a wide range of different conditions in demanding applications. In recent years, and especially in the future, the recyclability of the label material in use has become increasingly important. Innovative adhesives are designed as recycling enablers in existing recycling processes.

Dispersions for paper and filmic labels

BASF offers a wide range of acrylic polymer dispersions and UV-curable acrylic hotmelts used in the production of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) for both paper and filmic labels. The consistent quality of our Acronal® dispersions and their high mechanical stability allow our customers to keep production constant and minimize adhesive-related production downtimes. Adequate cohesion at high adhesion levels provides a trouble-free converting process. 


Comprehensive range of products and services for all aspects of PSA labelling

We develop our products using the know-how of our dedicated R&D resources as well as our team of coating experts, constantly looking for ways to improve the coating technology. Gravure and curtain-coating heads for general-purpose permanent (GPP) or all-temp labels and a slot die for UV-curable acrylic hotmelts are just some examples of the options we can offer our customers for trials that simulate realistic production conditions. Our products are the right choice for paper labels; high-end, clear filmic labels; or standard white labels. Excellent transparency for filmic labels is achieved up to a coating speed of 600 meters per minute. The fine-tuned adhesion and cohesion profile enables easy processing. All our products have approval for food contact, which is certified by ISEGA. Finally, our Acronal® RCF offers recycling-friendly acrylic adhesives for the permanent paper labels in our portfolio with excellent convertibility – certified for paper and paperboard recycling. Explore our solutions for label adhesives!

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