Nonwoven Composites for Construction Materials

Manufacturers of nonwoven composites face challenges such as achieving the desired strength and durability, ensuring proper adhesion between different layers, and optimizing the manufacturing process to meet the specific requirements of construction projects while maintaining cost-effectiveness. 

Long tradition as nonwoven composites expert 

BASF provides dispersions and additives that enhance the strength, adhesion, and overall performance of nonwoven composites. For more than 50 years, we have supported our customers in manufacturing nonwoven composites for construction materials that can be employed for both indoor and outdoor applications according to global market needs.  

From thermoplastic to thermoset 

Our fiber bonding experts offer a broad range of binders – from thermoplastic to thermoset – suitable for various fiber types – glass, synthetic, and natural.  

Explore our products and solutions for increased durability and improved indoor air quality!

Our advanced binders can be used in combination with different fiber types to manufacture manifold nonwoven fabrics for the construction industry. They enable our customers to meet important targets in the construction industry. 
  • Acrodur® 
  • Acronal®
  • Styrofan® 

Binder Applications

Our binders like Acrodur®, Acronal® and Styrofan® can be used in combination with different fiber types to manufacture manifold non-woven fabrics for the construction industry.

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