Furniture Composites  

Manufacturers of furniture composites face challenges when ensuring that the material durability of composites is resistant enough for long-lasting performance and producing visually appealing furniture. They must also reduce the environmental impact of furniture production and optimize production efficiency to minimize costs and waste. 

Supporting sustainable solutions 

BASF can contribute to addressing these challenges with dispersions and additives by enhancing the durability of composites, supporting aesthetic solutions, offering sustainable options, and improving processability. As an established partner for furniture manufacturers and suppliers in the furniture value chain, we support our customers with innovative solutions in the production of furniture composites and many other interior applications. 

Furniture design made easy

Our Fiber Bonding unit offers a broad range of binders – from thermoplastic to thermoset – that are suitable for various fiber types, such as glass and natural fibers. Use of these binders enables our customers to meet important targets of the furniture industry.  

Explore our products and solutions for broader design opportunities, lighter weight, and reduced emissions!

BASF’s binders for advanced furniture composite design can be combined with different fiber types to manufacture diverse fiber-reinforced composites for furniture production: 


  • acForm® 
  • Acrodur® 
  • Acronal®

Binder applications

Our binders like Acrodur®, Acronal® and acForm® can be used in combination with different fiber types to manufacture diverse fiber-reinforced composites for the furniture industry.​

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