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Dispersions for Paper Coating 

BASF has a long tradition as a binder and additives supplier and is the market leader of dispersions and additives for paper coating in Europe. We are experts in dispersion chemistry, paper and board coating including paper barrier coating, product safety, regulatory affairs, biocides, quality control, analytics, and logistics. This expertise makes us the first choice when it comes to developing new paper and board grades, optimizing processes, supporting trouble-shooting, and future-proofing existing products to ensure regulatory compliance and meet sustainability targets.

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There are huge challenges ahead driven by upcoming new legislation, to which the paper industry needs to adapt. We firmly believe that we can create added value by working together with our customers on joint projects.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schiele

Vice President, Business Management Dispersions for Adhesives, Fiber Bonding and Paper Coating, BASF

Collaboration is key: expertise meets challenges

We know that collaboration with customers is and will remain the way forward. Our European expert network of highly experienced technicians enables us to support our customers in product development for paper coating, process optimization, and trouble shooting. The combination of a pilot plant, an extensive product portfolio, a paper-specific testing laboratory, and experienced, qualified employees is unique in the industry.

Broad portfolio of products

Our products provide answers for today’s market challenges for coated paper and board – focusing on cost optimization, improved quality, and/or functionality. With our broad portfolio of styrene-acrylic (SA) and styrene-butadiene latexes (SB), and tailor-made solutions as well as our paper coating additives and water-based paper barrier coating solutions, we contribute to fulfilling our customers’ needs.

We offer products of high and consistent quality that make our customers more successful. Our modern plants, rigorous in-house quality management, and regular external and internal audits enable us to do so.

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