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Enhancing Asphalt Performance: Bitumen Emulsions for Sustainable Infrastructure 

As the demand for road-based freight transport continues to rise in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the need for sustainable infrastructure becomes crucial. At BASF, we recognize the importance of meeting customer requirements for longer durability, improved maintenance, better occupational safety and environmental protection, and the need to save energy and carbon dioxide. BASF’s additives for bitumen and asphalt play a key role in enhancing road surfaces, making them more effective and longer-lasting. They   make it easier and safer to apply asphalt and bitumen. 

Solutions for Hot-, Warm-, and Cold-Mix Asphalt

Our products are specifically designed to improve the mechanical properties of asphalt pavements to ensure greater durability. They provide increased driving comfort, reduced costs for road maintenance, less impact on the environment.  BASF has optimized its solutions for asphalt performance enhancement to meet the demands of different climates, traffic loads, pavement conditions, and the use of recycled asphalt.


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