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Dispersions for Construction

Manufacturers of construction products must stay up to date with constantly evolving building codes and regulations and ensure that their products comply with standards. They need to develop new solutions to meet the diverse needs of the construction market while meeting cost-efficiency targets.


Organic ingredients for specific solutions  

BASF recognizes the signs of the times and offers sustainable construction solutions. They include modern construction materials and cutting-edge organic ingredients with the right properties. We offer high-quality dispersions to help customers meet specifications and standards. Our expertise in polymer design enables us to provide the most-advanced raw materials for high-performance construction products.

Know-how for optimized formulations

Formulation know-how and an application-focused approach help us support customers optimize their formulations and choose the right raw materials. BASF’s technical experts are happy to offer individual support. Explore our broad Dispersions portfolio for all relevant construction applications!

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