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For specialty tapes in automotive, construction, and medical industries, advanced adhesives are required that offer strong bonding capabilities to various surfaces, ensuring reliability and durability in challenging environments. These adhesives should possess excellent temperature resistance, chemical resistance and weatherability to withstand extreme conditions. They must also meet specific industry standards and regulations, such as medical-grade certifications for the medical sector.

Significant sustainability benefits

BASF offers a wide range of polymer dispersions and UV-curable acrylic hotmelts for the pressure-sensitive adhesive coating of specialty tapes. Our Acronal® portfolio offers well-established high-solids dispersions and new innovative products. UV-curable acrylic hotmelts feature significant sustainability benefits while providing excellent adhesive performance. Our ongoing R&D efforts ensure the state-of-the-art performance of our dispersions and resins. With our formulation, application and process know-how, we are your competent partner for specialty tapes. Explore our solutions for specialty tapes!

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image shows a part of the title page of the brochure "Raw materials for pressure-sensitive adhesives". A glass bottle filled with yellow juice with an adhesive label saying "Applejuice" and showing two apples stands upright on a table with an intricate white-and-orange tablecloth..

Raw materials for pressure-sensitive adhesives

Solutions for producing high-quality self-adhesive products such as labels, films and tapes.

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