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Shoe Adhesives

We want our shoes to take us wherever we want to go – without falling apart in the process.


That’s why shoe manufacturers require adhesives that provide strong bonding strength to ensure the durability and longevity of the shoe. Shoe adhesives should have excellent resistance to moisture, heat and chemicals to withstand different environmental conditions. They should also be flexible enough to allow movement and support in the shoe without compromising the adhesive bond.

Durability as key

Footwear is as much an object of utility as it is an expression of the human self and aesthetic. But the defining characteristic of any shoe is its protective capability – and that includes the durability of the compound and its materials.

Water-based dispersions as bonding partner

The adhesive components used in the production of footwear play an essential role in making sure that our shoes do not fall apart. Our water-based, highly customizable dispersions are the perfect bonding partner for most modern materials used by shoe manufacturers, be it for leather shafts, EVA/PVC soles, natural rubber or other material mixes. Explore our solutions for shoes adhesives!

The ideal adhesive for shoes and footwear fulfills specific requirements:

  • Spotting tack
  • Green strength (> 1 N/mm)
  • End strength (> 5 N/mm)
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Resistance against elevated temperature and humidity
  • Color fastness

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