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​Comfortable seating and furniture are often the product of an elaborate production process. Make it stick – with our adhesive raw materials for the manufacturing of mattresses, upholstery and office furniture.

Gluing upholstery foam to various carrier materials requires special adhesives. Once applied, the adhesive must not penetrate the open-pored material. That’s why the foam-bonding dispersion coagulates while being sprayed onto the respective surface. 

Specialized adhesive polymers are used in the production of seating, sofas and office furniture. These foam and upholstery adhesives exhibit high levels of fast-acting wet strength. They must also be able to quickly absorb great tension and form a soft, unnoticeable glue line. In this way, they ensure high productivity, fast processing and easy handling. Explore our solutions for furniture adhesives!

Requirements for our spray adhesives for upholstery and foam:

  • High initial tack
  • Long open time, allowing assembly up to 20 minutes after spray-coating
  • High “green strength”
  • Soft and elastic adhesive line
  • Good adhesion to common substrates
  • No use of solvents: VOC, FA and APEO



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