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Architectural Coatings

BASF offers advanced solutions for Architectural Coatings. Our products for architectural coatings include all coatings applied on residential, commercial or industrial buildings for both decorative and protective purposes.


We understand challenges as future opportunities. Our team of passionate and experienced professionals with in-depth know-how and industry expertise offers formulation support and supplies a comprehensive product portfolio that covers polymer dispersions and additives.

Coating manufacturers face several challenges when formulating paints and coatings for residential, commercial or industrial buildings:

  • A growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable coatings requires manufacturers to invest in research and development of new formulations and technologies. 
  • The need to comply with regulatory requirements demands meeting stringent environmental and safety standards. 
  • The wide variety of substrates and surfaces in architectural projects necessitates development of versatile coatings that can adhere to and perform well on different materials. 
  • The need for durability and long-lasting performance in exterior coatings requires manufacturers to create products that can withstand harsh weather conditions and UV radiation.

At BASF we understand challenges as future opportunities. Explore our solutions for architectural coatings!

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