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BASF raw materials enable sustainable adhesive solutions

Our world is moving fast towards a more sustainable future. Safe and sustainable chemicals are key to reducing emissions and enabling circularity. 

The adhesive industry also needs to move quickly, due to a rising number of upcoming regulations emanating from the European Green Deal.

BASF can help you navigate these dynamics – with its adhesive chemistry, application, and regulations expertise.

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Are you ready to make an IMPACT with us?


“There is no contradiction between sustainability and chemistry.”


Prof. Dr. Thomas Schiele

Vice President Adhesives, Fiberbonding & Paper Coating Chemicals, BASF SE

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Environment & Climate

Reduce carbon emissions directly or indirectly

Our Biomass Balance Approach reduces the carbon footprints associated with production even further.

We help you reduce the carbon footprint of your products. To that end, BASF has developed its own approach to substitute the fossil fuels used in the production process of its raw materials. 

In the Biomass Balance Approach (BMB), renewable resources such as bio-naphtha or biogas derived from organic waste or vegetable oils are used as feedstock in the very first steps of chemical production. The raw materials produced this way have significantly reduced emission values.

An ever-increasing part of BASF’s portfolio is using sustainably sourced materials in production processes.

Sustainably sourced materials make for a sustainable end product. That is why we are continuously developing our portfolio, so that we can offer our partners more and more CO2 emission-neutral products.

One example of this commitment is our acResin® line: this acrylic hotmelt is used in labels and tapes, where it offers an eco-friendly alternative to standard, solvent-based adhesives. 

Are you looking for sustainable raw materials for your adhesives production?

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Our biomass balance approach in a nutshell

Benefits of biomass balance

  • Significantly reduced product carbon footprint
  • Replaces fossil resources during production with renewable raw materials
  • Reliable quality, identical product performance
  • Closed chain of custody certified by independent parties 

Circular Economy

Adhesives that enable recyclability, reusage and repairability of end products. 

Eventually the life of even the best plastic tray or label comes to an end. It gets disposed of after the goods have been used or consumed. But what if we could reduce or even avoid this generation of waste?

Impress your customers with a sustainable ending for their products. Help protect our environment and give your products recycling properties and biodegradability by using our raw materials.


Safety & Regulations

Safe adhesive raw materials that pass on nothing

Automotive, construction, furniture: we do not want our products to be harmful to us or our environment. They should always be safe.

To this end, BASF’s adhesive raw materials feature several properties that make them particularly suitable for manufacturing adhesives.

BASFs water-based and solvent-free adhesive raw materials combine high adhesive performance with safety and sustainability requirements.

High-quality adhesive raw materials that are safe during and safe after processing 

  • water-based
  • solvent-free
  • free of aromatic isocyanates or glymo
  • low volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • low residual odor and taste

Sustainability needs dialogue

Our industry is moving fast towards a sustainable future. When the status quo is constantly uncertain, the need for sharing information and best practices becomes mandatory. This is why we are committed members of several associations.

Our commitment 

We are ready for a sustainable future. 
What about you?

Our sustainably sourced raw materials help you develop better products. Products and processes that are safe. Products that are recyclable. Products that are biodegradable. Products with an enhanced lifecycle. 

Manufacturers are facing the challenges of the European Green Deal. BASF can support you in these challenging times with its expertise.

We look forward to developing these new sustainable end-of-life-solutions together with our partners.

Let’s make it last together.


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