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BASF Coating Center: collaboration and service 

BASF’s Adhesive Coating Center is a unique facility providing a wide range of coating solutions, product samples and demonstrations, as well as advice and support on adhesive technologies. From development application, testing and analytics to certification: our experienced team of technical and product experts provides you with the support you need, when you need it.

BASF works closely with key machine manufacturers to continually optimize coating technologies and new plant concepts. By using our installations, you as our customers can maintain your daily production capacity while simultaneously pursuing product development. Our support can facilitate the decision-making for a change of technology or new investment.  

Our dispersion facility is the fastest and most flexible trial facility for adhesives in the world, allowing each set-up to be individually tailored and adapted. You can test all common coating systems, as well as the latest and as yet unestablished techniques. The pilot coater for acResin® demonstrates the advantages of the UV acrylic hotmelt.


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Get to know our Coating Center in Ludwigshafen

Video about our trial facility for adhesives in Ludwigshafen, Germany
Technical data Dispersions UV-curable acrylic hotmelts
Coating speed min. / max.  5 / 1800 mpm

 15 / 700 mpm
Oven length / UV lamps

 48 m

 8 x 170 W/cm
Temperature sections

16 (8 upper air, 8 lower air)  
Temperature min. / max.

60 / 160 °C  
Width coating substrate

550mm 550mm
Width laminating substrate

570mm 570mm
Diameter core

76 or 152mm / 3 or 6 inch 76 or 152mm / 3 or 6 inch
Diameter rolls max.

1250mm 1000mm
Available coating systems Dispersions UV-curable acrylic hotmelts
  Double chamber gravure system

Slot die with rotating bar
  3 different single chamber gravure systems Curtain die
  Reverse gravure Kiss coat
  Mayer bar  
  Comma bar  
  Slot die  
  Curtain coater  
  Triple layer slide curtain  
  Dual layer slide curtain  
  Dual layer slot die  
Rewinding unit Dispersions UV-curable acrylic hotmelts
  Flying spice                              
Size of trial Dispersions UV-curable acrylic hotmelts
  Flying splice

Length of paper or film min. 3000 linear meter 
(backing and front substrate)
500 linear meter 
(depending on V:mpm)
Quantity of adhesive

200 kg


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