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Tinuvin® 5333-DW ECO



TINUVIN® 5333-DW ECO is an aqueous dispersion of a blend of UV-absorbers (UVA) and a hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) for coatings, adhesives, sealants and printing inks. It was also designed to meet high performance and durability requirements of exterior water-based industrial and architectural coatings including energy curable systems (UV, electron beam). This product is a slightly yellow dispersion.


  • Stir-in product; mixes easily with broad spectrum of water-based systems without applying high shear forces; disperses homogeneously without addition of co-solvents or any other dispersing aids
  • Excellent long-term performance: high photo permanence combined with high thermal stability
  • Fully preserves dry-film properties such as inherent color, transparency and gloss
  • No settling behavior upon storage
  • Does not affect other film properties such as water impermeability, blocking resistance, hardness and scratch resistance
  • No EUH 208 label

Product Groups

  • Performance Additives / Light Stablizer Blends
  • UVA / HALS blends / UVA / HALS blends