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Tinuvin® 292 HP



TINUVIN® 292 HP is a liquid hindered amine light stabilizer especially developed for color sensitive coating applications such as refinish coatings, use in water-based coatings may require addition of cosolvents, may interact with sensitive dispersion binders. TINUVIN® 292 HP is a very pure mixture of two active ingredients that help maintain this products’ liquid state. It provides significantly extended lifetime to coatings by minimizing paint defects such as cracking and loss of gloss without adding additional color to the formulation.

Sustainability Benefits

  • Excellent compatibility with a wide variety of coatings systems
  • Extends usable lifetime of coating by minimizing loss of gloss and cracking
  • Multi-purpose HALS for color-sensitive application
  • Good long-term performance
  • High thermal stability
  • Versatile HALS with superior performance in both water and solvent-based coatings

Product Groups

  • Hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) / Basic HALS