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Rheovis® PU 1251 EC



Rheovis® PU 1251 EC is an extremely efficient, solvent-free non-ionic, associative rheology modifier designed to improve dry coating performance and appearance while improving application properties of latex based coatings and adhesives. It features built-in wetting/coalescing agents that improve compatibility and ease of incorporation into formulations.


  • Balanced KU-ICI viscosity development.
  • Zero-VOC and odor-free.
  • Multi-functional: Built-in foam-suppressing, renewable wetting agent/coalescent.
  • Very good response to colorant addition.
  • Improved scrub resistance.
  • Excellent flow and leveling.
  • 5-20% lower use levels compared to other 25% active solvent-containing HEUR rheology modifiers.

Product Groups

  • Rheology Modifiers / Associative Thickeners (HEUR)