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Rheovis® PU 1250 EC



Rheovis® PU 1250 EC is a mid shear polyurethane rheology modifier. Rheovis® PU 1250 provides excellent orientation of effect pigments. It shows outstanding spatter resistance during roller applications up to antisag properties in spray paints.


  • Outstanding spatter resistance during roller application
  • Mid-shear thickener to impart low-shear viscosity build with moderate contribution to high-shear viscosity
  • Balanced shear profile (low-shear and high-shear contributions) allows the use in spray formulations as a single rheology modifier
  • Improved flow and gloss, increased hiding power
  • Wash- and scrub resistance
  • Non-ionic, medium pseudoplastic rheology modifier for water-based coatings

Product Groups

  • Rheology Modifiers / Associative Thickeners (HEUR)