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Rheovis® HS 1332



RHEOVIS® HS 1332 is an acrylic rheology modifier for mid- to high-shear viscosity control and excellent rheology-control thickener of water based coatings to increase viscosity in the mid- to high-shear range. It is a hydrophobic modified acrylic swellable copolymer emulsion (HASE) in water. The polymer provides the rheology-control effect through extensive swelling of the high-molecular-weight polymer in combination with a hydrophobic component in alkali, in the presence of water. RHEOVIS® HS 1332 is an excellent choice and shows a stronger high-shear contribution than competitive HASE thickeners tested.


  • Acrylic thickener with associative thickening
  • High-shear thickener
  • Increases coating build up and layer thickness
  • Improved flow
  • Improved leveling
  • Excellent efficiency; for paints and plasters
  • Mid to high-shear rheology control
  • Newtonian flow behavior

Product Groups

  • Rheology Modifiers / Associative Thickeners (HASE)