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R+D Vinapor WA 3810 F (V1)

R+D Vinapor® WA 3810 F is a versatile wetting agent for non-sag and flowable dry mortar applications e.g. plasters, renders, skim coats, masonry mortars, EIFS mortars and screeds.



R+D Vinapor® WA 3810 F is a powder based wetting and dispersing agent for dry mortar non-sag and flowable applications. It is mainly used in pigmented mortars to enhance color development and stability. R+D Vinapor® WA 3810 F improves wetting and processing properties due to viscosity reducing effect thereby enabling more thorough homogenization with less energy.

Fields of sag-resistant and flowable applications: gypsum plasters, cementitious renders, exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS) mortars, putties, masonry mortars, skim coats, renovation renders, standard & lightweight ceramic tile adhesvies (CTA), screeds and repair mortars.


  • Faster wetting
  • Air stabilization
  • Improved workability