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Luphen® MB 3615 ISCC

Bio Mass Balance
version of Luphen® 3615, certified acording to ISCC+.



3615 is a 40% aqueous dispersion of an aliphatic polyester polyurethane
elastomer. The formed film can be activated by heat at 60-65 °C enabling the
manufacture of heat-sealing adhesives. Luphen® 3615 has a limited hot-tack
life.With its balance of heat resistance and low activation temperature the
Luphen® 3615 is used in several application such as 3D furniture lamination,
interior trim and shoe sole attachment.Specially developed water-emulsifiable,
polyfunctional isocyanates such as Basonat® -types should be added to adhesives
formulated with Luphen® 3615 to improve the heat resistance of the bond and its
resistance to hydrolysis.