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Joncryl® xDTM-B



JONCRYL xDTM-B is an innovative, solvent borne polyol specifically designed for direct-to-metal (DTM) application. This resin adheres well to multiple metal substrates, including traditionally challenging metals like cold-rolled steel and aluminum. Application is made easier and more efficient with JONCRYL xDTM-B’s longer pot life and faster dry time than competitive polyols and top commercial DTM products alike. Formulate with JONCRYL xDTM-B to ensure reliable resistance to corrosion and chemicals, including common acids, Skydrol, gasoline and diesel, to protect your customers’ equipment from the elements. With JONCRYL xDTM-B’s high gloss retention and hardness, there is no need to compromise between performance and aesthetic goals.


  • Direct adhesion to multiple metal substrates
  • Superior early hardness
  • Can formulate to 250 g/L coatings with exempt solvents
  • Competitive pot-life, dry time and chemical resistance versus competition
  • Hardness levels double that of competition after both three and seven days testing
  • 95% gloss retention after seven days in humidity chamber
  • Excellent Corrosion resistance

Product Groups

  • Resins / Acrylic Polyols