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Irganox® 245



IRGANOX® 245 is a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant that protects organic substrates against thermo-oxidative degradation during manufacturing, processing, and end use. This product is effective in styrene polymers, particularly impact-modified polystyrenes, ABS, MBS, SB, and SBR latices, as well as in POM homo- and co-polymers. It is also very useful for the stabilization of polyurethanes, polyamides, thermoplastic polyesters, PVC, and other polymers. In addition to imparting thermostability to the finished polymer, it is effective as a chain stopper during PVC polymerization. IRGANOX® 245 can be used in combination with other additives such as co-stabilizers (e.g. thioesters, phosphites, phosphonites, lactones), light stabilizers, and other functional stabilizers. The effectiveness of IRGANOX® 245 with Irgafos® 168 is noteworthy.

Sustainability Benefits

  • High resistance to extraction, low volatility and good compatibility
  • Suitable for low temperature
  • Non-discoloring
  • Unsymmetrical substitution pattern makes it suitable for low temperature curing
  • Can be used in combination with other additives such as co-stabilizers, light stabilizers and other functional stabilizers (e.g. HALS)
  • Odorless

Product Groups

  • Performance Additives / Antioxidants (AOs)