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Hydropalat® WE 3475



HYDROPALAT® WE 3475 is a highly efficient wetting agent, di-2-ethylhexyl sulphosuccinate, sodium salt. It is a very good wetting agent with only a medium tendency of foam formation in aqueous solutions or in polymer dispersions. The relatively low critical micelle concentration of approximately 1 g active substance/l and the strong reduction in surface tension of aqueous solutions, even when using low concentrations, make HYDROPALAT® WE 3475 an ideal surface active agent. This product is just slightly water-soluble. The water solubility may be increased by the addition of a small amount of a solubilizer allowing solubility of up to 80 % to be achieved. Diluting HYDROPALAT® WE 3475 with water is possible up to a certain extent, but liquid-crystalline gel type phases may occur in the region of approximately 50 % active substance.


  • Highly efficient sulfosuccinate wetting agent
  • Strong reduction of dynamic surface tension
  • Standard product used in overprint varnishes

Product Groups

  • Wetting Agents / Substrate Wetting Agents, Substrate wetting Agents