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Hydropalat® WE 3220



HYDROPALAT® WE 3220 is a silicone surfactant to improve substrate wetting in aqueous systems. It shows strong reduction of surface tension in water-based systems. Therefore, it is highly suitable to improve substrate wetting and to prevent surface defects. It is recommended as an anti-crater additive with good recoatability. Furthermore HYDROPALAT® WE 3220 can be used in UV-curable formulations to improve flow and leveling.


  • Minor impact on inter coat adhesion and recoatability
  • No increase of surface slip
  • Excellent substrate wetting in aqueous industrial, wood, automotive and exterior paints and coatings and printing inks
  • Strong reduction of surface tension
  • Solvent-free

Product Groups

  • Wetting Agents / Substrate Wetting Agents, Substrate wetting Agents