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HyCon R 3100 F

HyCon® R 3100 F is a powder retarder construction additive. This setting retarder is used for challenging binary flowable dry mortar products. HyCon® R 3100 F is designed to selectively delay the gypsum formation.



HyCon® R 3100 F is a construction additive retarder in powder form.
It is a setting retarder selectively delaying the gypsum formation, without affecting the subsequent hardening of ordinary Portland cement (OPC).
It is used for retardation of binary flowable dry mortar products to adjust the desired workability time.
HyCon® R 3100 F is designed for binder concept: OPC rich with small amounts of alpha or beta hemihydrate.
Fields of flowable applications: self-levelling underlayments (SLU) and flowing floor screeds.


  • Binder quality robustness
  • Optimal OPC hydration
  • High temperature robustness
  • Selective hydration control