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FoamStar® ST 2438



FOAMSTAR® ST 2438 is a 100% active defoamer compound combining a hyper-branched Star polymer with high-end organo-silicones to deliver fast foam knock down with very high efficiency, suitable for water-based coatings. FOAMSTAR® ST series represents a novel series of defoamers based on new defoamer chemistry. This product is effective in high gloss paints and coatings based on acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acrylic latex. The patented technology works effectively against micro-foam. It is effective in deep and clear, neutral, accent tint bases, especially where high colorant loading (5% - 13%) is employed.


  • Very good persistence
  • Does not separate or settle
  • Does not reduce the gloss of high gloss paints and coatings
  • Fast bubble-break versus conventional defoamers
  • Effective against micro-foam
  • Effective in difficult to defoam high gloss formulations
  • Effective in deep and clear/neutral bases

Product Groups

  • Defoamers / Star Polymer Based Defoamers