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FoamStar® ST 2434



FoamStar® ST 2434 is effective in high gloss paints and coatings based on acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acrylic latex. FoamStar® is a defoaming molecule that defoams by a different mechanism. Unlike conventional defoamers (mineral oil or silicone), FoamStar® ST 2434 defoams on a molecular level. It also has wetting properties not found in other conventional defoamers. FoamStar® ST 2434 utilizes the FoamStar® Molecule compounded with polysiloxanes in a mineral oil-free system.


  • Good persistence
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Does not separate or settle
  • Effective against micro-foam
  • Does not reduce the gloss of high gloss paints and coatings
  • Very fast bubble-break versus conventional defoamers
  • Effective in difficult to defoam high gloss formulations
  • Effective in white bases and pastes

Product Groups

  • Defoamers / Star Polymer Based Defoamers